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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Great Site!

Busy, Busy, Busy

No excuses, just busy. Work has been busy with new employee's, new volunteers, etc. Easter weekend had me putting down 90 16" patio pavers. Needless to say I deserved my massage on Monday! Hubby is feeling OK, just still has a lot of "gas". Nuff said! My patio is looking so nice, will have to remember to take pictures, even though it's not completely done. Need another 90 pavers or more I am sure! Lovely rain today so glad 'cause the grass and plants need water. And the West Texas water isn't too good for them.

Got up to row 44 on the tank top, it's looking good!

Still working on the pray shawl a little at a time while watching TV since it's just k2,p3 work.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back to "normal"?

Hubby is out of hospital and back to "normal". His back and left leg has been giving him fits now. Said his massage I gave him yesterday helped greatly. Guess I'll have to put him on my schedule a couple times a week until it breaks the cycle of pain. Stomach is getting better. Still is bloated some, but he says all is moving OK. Ever see a man look 9 months pregnant? Ouch.

Tried to go to the Michaels class Saturday 3-5 and the teacher didn't show up! Oh well guess it isn't meant to be. So plugging along on my own on a tank top for my youngest daughter with my first attempt at cables. It's a pretty cotton candy colored cotton yarn. It will look great on her. Pattern in Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 2006 magazine.

Have 100 patio bricks being delivered tomorrow, so you know what I'll be doing Friday and Sunday, LOL.

Last Saturday was the 1st Annual Diabetes Walk that my hospital Medical Center sponsored. So fo course we had to walk in it. Beautiful morning and a really nice day for it.

And the weekend before April 1st was the Race for a Cure in San Antonio. So I am walked out.

But the spa afternoon on Friday was great.

Well off to see how the Weight Watchers did this last week.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What a stinky way to start the week!

Husband had to be admitted to the hospital with a GI obstruction. So far we have escaped surgery, thank goodness. Did have a great time in SA at the walk, and shopped till we were nearly sick. Got home at 7PM Sunday and knew hubby wasn't feeling to well. Then he called me at 2:30 yesterday and said he was closing our center and going home. When questioned why, he said my stomach feels really weird. I told him to call our doctor and he said no he just wanted to go home he didn't feel well enough to go to see him, I told him ohhhh no you don't I'll meet you in the Emergency Room. 5 hours later he was admitted. He did get to "eat" liquids for lunch and so far so good. May get to come home later, but I have my doubts.