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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

ABC Meme

Accent- None really, can slip into Yankee (Michigan raised), or southern bell whoever I am with. LOL.
Breakfast? – Yes whatever husband makes for me
Chore I don't like- cleaning the bathroom
Dog or Cat- Dogs, Both, 2 cats 6 dogs
Essential electronic- my Sony Clie
Favorite Cologne- Beautiful by Estee Lauder
Gold or Silver- Gold
Handbag I carry most often- Black shoulder bag
Insomnia- Not usually
Job Title- RN Director of Health and Wellness
Kids- 2 gown daughters
Living arrangements- with my husband, 2 cats, 6 dogs
Most admirable trait- Loyal
Naughtiest Childhood Trait- Trying to get rid of sisters, telling them to go play somewhere else. LOL
Overnight Hospital Stays- Childbirth, gallbladder surgery
Phobias- Heights
Quote- Well behaved women, rarely make history
Reason to smile- My husband and kids and grandson
Siblings- one half sister, and one half sister deceased, 7 step siblings
Time to wake up- 6:30 during the week, 8 on Saturday, and as late as DH will allow me on Sunday. Unusual talent or skill- knitting, spinning
Vegetables I Refuse to eat- none really
Worst Habit- cursing. X-rays- multiple. Last one I remember was my left foot 2 years ago when I stepped wrong on some stairs
Yummy Stuff- Italian food, Mexican Food,
Zoo animals I like the most- the cats. I am a cat person what can I say


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