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Friday, April 27, 2007

Jaxson's Here

DGS was born a week ago. 7lbs 2oz and depending on if you count the hospital's measurement or the pediatrician's office 19 or 20.5 inches long. He had a little trouble at birth and was a little floppy and took about 3 hours for his hands and feet to turn pink. He also had some trouble with juandice but it's coming back down. He's eating well now. He'd lost down to 6lb 5oz at the dr's on Monday but was back up to 6lb's 10oz by Tuesday after we had to feed him every 1 1/2 hours Monday. He's now eating well and we haven't had to feed him formula (I gave him a little at 11:30 last night just so DD could get some much needed sleep. He has two women jumping at his every need. It's funny to see how life has dissolved to how much goes in his mouth and how much comes out the other end. LOL.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a weekend!

Saturday morning started out very cold, but since we had clients to work on at the center it didn't matter. But when we finshed we went over to the Celtic Festival. What fun!

These were the Texas Tech Players. They were very good.

This is the Drum and Pipe group. A bunch of young people probably junior to senior high school age. Funny thing how can hispanics be Irish? LOL. Oh well they did a great job.

This was the Tartan Weaving teacher. I also took a Lucet class with her and learned to make a square rope. Didn't get a picture of that.

DH took me to our favoriate Italian place Mia Piaci's where you can bring your own blottle. Notice what I carried it in? Yes my knitting bag. Perfect for one project and one bottle of merlot. LOL.

Then it was off to the Calieleh (sp). Where the beer was flowing and the men in skirts where a playing. Bagpipes, fiddlers, and such. What a blast.

Today we took off for Stanton's Old Soreheads Trade Days. And lookie what my DH found. Yes a spinning wheel. It seems to be all there and it works. And what a bargain only $65.00! It needs oil I think LOL. And I need instructions. I tried to do a little with the roving I have on hand. But I will be looking for a book and a teacher I am sure.
I am pooped. DH is asleep in his recliner while I update and watch Desperate Housewives, LOL.
On the knitting I worked on the second sock at the festival and on the drive to Stanton. But now am working on the LSSK blankie. How funny that I can knit all day, and my hands don't bother me. But crocheting the edging on the blankie is murder!

DD says no more signs of progress on the labor pains, so I will stay put for now. But plan on making it to Blanco by Friday if she doesn't go before then. And spend the weekend the the LSSK group for WHIBSIB.


Friday, April 13, 2007


Summer Solstice sock number 1 done and sock 2 OTN's.

The LSSK Blankie together on 4/7/07.

And now doing 4 rows, divided with one row of white, of each color in the blanket. I am on the 4th color change having done the burgandy, orange, light green and now on the kelly green. It's looking so cute!

The Mango Moon Cardigan has one more side seam to go and the buttons and it will be done! I will have to be done with menopause before I can wear it. It's so heavy and warm, LOL.

On the Grandson front: DD is 2cm's dialated so it will be anytime now. My bag is packed and knitting projects are at the ready as well as camera bag. I have been downloading knititng podcasts to load on MP3 player for the road trip. I also hope to make the WHIBSIB next weekend but if grandson comes first I'll be staying with DD and him. LOL.


Monday, April 02, 2007

More Blocks For Jaxson

Two more blocks arrive today form Esther in Wimberly. Both are baby blue and so cute.

I knitted up a white Texas Star tonight to match our LSSK's Vicki's contribution to this wonderful blanket. 17 blocks so far. I have casted on one with his name in white tonight, too.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend Update, Jaxson's Room Finished

This weekend was spent with my DD's, DM, DS, and my best friend. We went to DD1's for her baby shower. While we were there we decorated Jaxson's nusery Friday night (after 3 glasses of wine) since Grey's Anatomy was a rerun, LOL. His theme is nautical. It is so cute.
This picture has some of DSIL's picture of his coast guard ship along with other little things. The large thing in the center has all the flags that may be on a ship. DH and I bought this last year for SIL on our cruise. The rocker is SIL's grandmother that his mom used to rock him and his brother.

This is the one of the other side's of the room with his coast guard life ring. The picture I bought at an estate sale and the boat model is of the USS constiution the DH bought just for Jaxson. We got him a perpetual calender so he can learn his days of the week, month, weather, season, etc. The little sweater hanging is my first attempt at knitting sweater, LOL. And the little outfit has "First Mate" on it. They may bring him home dressed in it. The light blue thing hanging next to it is the hooded bath towel I knitted for him. And the afghan on the bed is one I machine knitted and duplicate stitiched sailboats onit. In the life ring is some netting with shells and a little pirate bear (DD1 is a bear collector) that DD1 had in her collection and he had to come into the nursery. LOL.
This picture is of his dresser. The picture's under it are his 3-D ultrasound pictures and DD1's pictures taken at the Perdenales River a couple weeks ago framed with the signatures of everyone who attended the baby showers. She is going to put a pad on top of the dresser for his changing table. SIL made the mirror that has Anchor's Away (SIL say's "for you know what he has done and why he is being changed there, LOL) and his name at the bottom. It is so cute. We added bits of netting around the room and caught shells up in it.

Here we are just ready to leave for the shower. DD2 is on the right, DD1 in the middle and still only looking about 6 months, LOL. She's only gained 9 pounds so far and still has a waist. I look as big as she does, LMBO.

And since all my projects were too big to travel with, I started a new one. LOL. This is a little sock pattern from The Sock Calendar-Socks for All Seasons. The pattern is Summer Solstice and I am using Regia Cotton in Surf color. It's coming out great. It will be a great little summer cotton sock.

It was a fabulous trip, fast and with lots going on. And I will be making it again soon, LOL. Only 4-6 weeks left. Wow it's gone by fast.