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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jaxson Millard 7 Months Along

Get a look at those chubby cheeks. LOL. I can hardly wait to cover them with kisses.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Blocks for Jax

I had an idea to do two cloths of the Texas Longhorns and two cloths of the Texas A & M. Since dd1 is a Longhorn fan and sil is an A & M fan. I will put one of each on the top corners and one of each on the bottom corners and fill in with the Texas squares sent by the LSSK gals. It sure is going to be colorful. LOL. (Wondering if I could get away with a couple Texas Tech squares for my Alma Mater? LMBO)
I have received one block from the LSSK so far. This one is from Enid in Lubbock. She is so talented. I love the color. Thanks Enid!

Monday, February 05, 2007

FO's & New Projects

Two Texas Cloths for LSSK members expected grandbabies blankets. Mailed off Saturday. Whew.

At long last, the prayer shawl is done! Yahoo. This was one of my LSSK January UFO's to FO's entries.

I also finished another one of the Gemstone Scarves and it sold as soon as it went into the bookstore, Wow! I have another OTN's now in ribbon yarn of royal blue color. So pretty. I have never used ribbon yarn before, but on size 15 needles it's going pretty smooth. Also OTN tonight a Texas Longhorn cloth to go with the LSSK Texas squares. I have received one from Enid in a green color. I am making the Longhorn square in orange of course, LOL. I also have a Texas A & M cloth pattern and burgandy yarn to knit that one up. DD is a UT fan but SIL is A & M so both have to get equal billing on my expected grandbaby's blanket don't you think?

Oh, well back to the UT square and Heroes.