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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Picture of my mob of people this Thanksgiving. We were able to get all 21 seated. LOL.
Black Friday shopping led us to the Motherhood shop to get dd1 some maternity clothes. She is barely showing so we had to use the "tummy" pillow in the dressing room to get a full effect. LOL.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I have a knitter hubby!

My dh is a knitter! We had gone to the demo at Michaels one Sunday last month and bought the Knifty Knitter. Allen has mastered it and is making hats! Now when I go in search of stash he's finding his, too. LOL. They are so cute!
On my knitting front. I am working on a baby afghan for my first grandbaby. And the second sock for dsil for Christmas. I have more sock yarn in waiting for more socks. And so many other projects I want to do I can't count. I have the recycled Sari Silk that I really want to do something with. I had received 4 hanks from my Secret Pal 8 and knew that it wouldn't be enough for a garment so my dh bought me 10 more hanks from Yak and Yeti! So that should be enough to make something really gorgeous for ME! LOL. I found some great patterns on Mango Moon http://www.mangomoonyarns.com/Neru.html. And I did get 8 skeins of mohair that I traded for at the Knit Out in Lubbock last month. So I have what I need for any of the patterns. Heading to the KidNEwe in Boerne this weekend and get to see my dd1 and sil. Yahoo. I can't wait. SIL told her this morning that he thinks her tummy grew over night and she thinks it did, too. LOL. I guess I'll see.