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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mystery Stole Finished and My Demise!

I have finished the Mystery Stole, Yahhhhhhh!

I will not make it out alive! LOL. The sock war started and my assassin has already maile my socks! I have finished one but know I won't get the other done before her's arrive.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dallas mania!

I have been in Dallas since Tuesday and wow. Now I know why I don't live in a "big" city. I love Odessa I can be across town in 15 minutes, LOL. And at work in that amount of time. It took me 45 minutes to go 20 miles to Plano, LOL. I got to meet a bunch of LSSK at Plano and had a great time.

Today I ventured to Shabby Sheep just a few miles from the hotel. www.theshabbysheep.com. I got two sets of circulars to make socks with the book my SP8 sent to me. And of course some new yarn to make said socks. LOL.

I finished the sock I was working on in Plano last night. So on to another pair with the
two circular technique.

Can't wait to get home tomorrow to my sweet redhead.
Sunday finally will get to celebrate my DD2's 25th birthday. She was in Mexico on vacation on her birthday, LOL.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Secret Pal Revealed!

Wow I got my final package from my SP8. And WOW, such a wonderful bounty. The orange back pack object is a "One Skeiin Knitters Tote". Really neat way to carry one project along with me. There are note pads that are very neat. A package of note cards with a silouette of a knitter. A needle organizer, and a tote bag that I wonder if my SP made herself. So nice. You can never have enough totes to carry things. Two hanks of lace weight yarn one called Rich Earth that is red/brown, and a wonderful dark purple called Purple Mystery. Then there are 4 hanks of wonderful recycled sari yarn. Not that I'd ever let anyone recyle my sari's LOL. I brought them all the way from India with me, so no way. But will use them for sure. LOL. Then there is a great instruction book on the two circular method for sock knitting. Wow, I had heard that you could do that but couldn't figure it out. Now I won't have to always use 5 DPN's LOL. Thank you to my secret pal, Tracy. Her blog is http://tellen.blogspot.com. Go give her blog a peak. She looks to be quite the knitter. TY, TY , TY Tracy. I can't say it enough.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back home and bad news

We got back home late last night and had a message that my grandmother in Tenn had passed away on Saturday. The funeral is today and no way for me to get there in time.

Katherine Jaqueline Bass Wise Elrod
Feb 1, 1912-Sept 2, 2006