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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tied up in Mystery Lace

Not much going on except the Mystery Lace. I am on the second side with Clue 3. Hope to start clue 4 tomorrow if I can get the 50 rows done today. Good chance of that happening, not much going on around the house except naps and laundry. LOL. Had a nice rain last night but it's muggy outside now. So I have been knitting and tried to watch "Snatch" on DVD. Not a good movie so DH is now watching the Discovery Channel. I think I am going upstairs with "West Side Story" DVD. LOL. Just so much Discovery Channel I can take. No pictures because the digital is not working right. I think it needs a new battery. Maybe next week.

Monday, July 17, 2006

WIP 7-17-06

Wow time did get away from me. But working on the Mystery Stole has been a trip. Clue one is done and I am a few rows into the 2nd clue.

There has still been time to work a little on the Bumble Shawl. You know like riding along with DH and waiting on food to be served, LOL.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mystery Stole 2 KAL

Yes I joined another KAL. But since Missy's Lace Project I am no longer afraid of lace, LOL Yahoo Group

Saturday, July 08, 2006

FO and a lazy evening

Worked at our center today. Tonight I worked on DH's socks and watched a movie "Shark Tales". Very cute.
Our pets taking it easy. LOL as if being one of our pets is hard.

Penny in her "cave".

Tory on the couch as usual.
Robin on her pillow.

DH's socks finished tonight.

Friday, July 07, 2006

What a time we had!

We went to Austin for our 8th anniversary and had a great time. Found some great things at the shops, ate too much, and had some wonderful quality time alone together.
Of course no trip to Austin isn't complete with out a trip to Hill Country Weavers. I found the yarn I needed for the Bumble Bee Shawl, sock yarn, a swift, and a spindle. Then when I got home my SP had sent me one, too. But I will use them both I am sure. I tried to buy wool at the Wool Co-op in Eden but they don't sell to the public, ughhh. I think the wool my SP sent will be better for my first try at spinning any way.

I found this great 50's lamp at a little shop off S. Congress. It had to come home with me since my living room is done in 50's style. LOL.

Then I found this wonderful little rocking chair I think on Lamar somewhere, LOL. It sits so well great for knitting and maybe someday rocking a grandbaby.
We also went to an Ashram off 290. They had peacocks all over the place. Such a peaceful place. We will try to go stay there sometime. I told DH that next year I am going to WHIBSIB and he can go stay at the ashram. LOL.
We found a castle in the middle of Austin. Has anyone every seen this. Don't even ask me what road we had a hard time finding it. Almost passed it, it's in the middle of a neighbourhood. Interesting to say the least!
I had the whole week off so what do I do? Paint! I got the garage done and it got to hot to do anymore, will try to finish the one side of the house I have left to do Sunday.

My Missy Lace project is done!!! Yah hoo.


Beautiful if I do say so myself!

TY Secret Pal

What a wonderful surprise when I got back from Autin. My secret pal sent me a spindal and some wool to spin in a great tube holder. I'm thinking "wine bottle holder" LOL. Thank you so very much.